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However, you can express what you like and respect about his daughter so he understands your intentions. I enjoy spending time with her. Think about it from his perspective. His daughter means the world to him, and he expects anyone that dates her to respect her and treat her well. You need to let him know that you will treat her well to put his mind at ease.

I promise I will do my best to treat her well and not hurt her. I know she deserves the best from anyone who dates her. Give him a chance to talk. In any conversation, you've got to give the other person a chance to voice their feelings.

In this case, that means letting her father voice his concerns. He'll likely have something to say, even if he does eventually give you permission. That means making sure that you hear what he's saying, and that you're not just thinking about what you're going to say next. Also, be sure your body language shows you're listening.

Real-Life Dating Advice: What To Do When Your Girlfriend's Child Hates You

Look him in the eye, and nod along to what he's saying. You can also summarize what you're saying to make sure you are hearing his concerns correctly. For example, you could say, "What I hear you saying is you're not sure if you're ready for your daughter to date. I completely understand that concern.

Work on goals together. One way you can help your cause is to set boundaries with your potential girlfriend's father. That is, once you hear his concerns, try to figure out if there's a way you can calm his fears by agreeing to certain terms. What could I do to make you feel better about me dating your daughter? I would be willing to agree to whatever boundaries you set. For example, maybe we could start with group dating, or we could even go on a date with your supervision.

I'm willing to prove to you that I'm worthy of dating your daughter. That is, you want to know if your potential girlfriend's father thinks it's fine for you to date his daughter. Then, it's up to him.

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He can say "yes," but you've also given him a chance to say "no. What if you are already dating the girl and didn't know at first you had to get permission from her father? A, Clinical Mental Health Counseling. Apologize for not having the conversation earlier and be prepared to hear a little disappointment or surprise from him if he was unaware that his daughter was dating you.

Being upfront, respectful, and receptive will show her father how mature and worthy you are. Not Helpful 4 Helpful Keep your head up, and act confident. Just acting confident can give you confidence. Also, take a few deep breaths before the conversation to calm your nerves. Not Helpful 2 Helpful If you're teenagers, you may need to get permission from both sets of parents to date. Not Helpful 9 Helpful Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. Tips You can have the conversation over the phone, but it shows more respect to have the conversation in person.

Asking a parent or Father's permission first often depends on how old the two of you are. Family Friends and Dating In other languages: Did this article help you?

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I'm developing feelings for my girlfriend's daughter! What should I do? - relationship advice

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We do not allow vote manipulation. Even if you're on your best behavior, you're still going to be a symptom and constant reminder of the turmoil in his life. If I were your girlfriend, I'd have a talk with my son to learn more about how he's feeling. It's natural to experience feelings of loss - he's had the rug pulled out from under his entire life. I'd listen to him, empathize, and then explain that while this change is difficult, you're someone who is going to be in his life, and while I don't expect him to make you his new best friend, I will expect politeness.

After that, I'd enforce that, kindly. No freaking out, no grounding, just simply saying, 'No, Im going to hold Agent's hand now. If you'd like to walk next to me, I'd love to have you over here on my other side.

Dating A Woman Who Has Kids

My son was a bit older when I started dating and was also jealous of someone I was getting serious with. My bottom line was 'you don't have to like him but you will respect him' and with time he has warmed up to him. He needs to know his feelings do matter and that you are not trying to replace his father and boss him around but that you will be there for him and hopefully develop a friendship. Remember this little guy has been man of the house since his mom and dad split and he has already dealt with that. All you need to do is explain it to him in a way he can fully grasp and remember and practice.

Ask yourself this question How long would you tolerate that and what's different about this situation?

The kid doesn't like that you're dating his mom but you know what?

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