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Indonesian girls are significantly less flakey than other women around the world. Most of the time you can expect them to show up in a punctual manner. This helps to account for traffic and the time needed for a little love making. For men staying a month or three in the country, feel free to buy a one-month membership and number farm. Then you can cancel it while still working all the numbers you got. No online dating site is perfect. Still, men visiting Indonesia with Asian girls on their mind will find value in this platform. Click here to start meeting stunning women on Indonesian Cupid today.

Learn how to meet sexy, stunning, slutty girls in Asia with our "Guide to Asian Dating Apps" exclusive e-guide January 28, Do You Need to Learn […]. I also reviewed Indonesian Cupid, as many men have had success using the […]. If you do, […]. Your email address will not be published.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Continue reading below for our full Indonesian Cupid review: Who Should Use the Site? I was baffled with how many girls use this site each and every day. Speaking of foreign men, the girls in Indonesia seem to love them.

The types of responses you get on Cupid in Indonesia may inflate your ego a bit. Indonesian women love exotic men, especially those of European and Asian descent. That would be a lie. However, I will say that girls you meet on a platform like Indonesian Cupid will be more open to quickly going to bed with you than a random girl you meet at the mall.

Easy to Talk With: Finally, the girls on Indonesian Cupid are genuinely easy to communicate with. Just remember to keep things simple, fun, and flirty with her online. Indonesian Cupid is not free. This online dating site in Indonesia costs money. This can be a downside for some guys, especially guys on tight, backpacking budgets.

Not Their First Rodeo: Girls on online dating sites can be incredible. They can also be shallow. But there are still quite a handful of people who are down for some fun or maybe a simple date. The site has hundreds of daily active members, most of them are people in their mids to early 40s. Though the site may be dominated by men, there are still thousands of amazing, and beautiful, single women who are always ready to mingle.

Signing up in Indonesian Cupid does not take too much time and effort. Upon signing up, you will be presented with two options on how you would like to register or create an account. You can choose to sign up by filling out fields that will ask you of your first name, age, gender, name, and country. You also have to provide a valid email address before you can continue creating your account.

Indonesian Cupid Review January - Just Fakes or Real Dates? -

A much easier way of signing up is by linking your Facebook account to the site. With just one click, you will have your profile ready in no time. The site will automatically sync your personal data from Facebook to your basic profile information in Indonesian Cupid. This process will also make your Facebook profile picture the default photo for your profile, but you can change it anytime you want.

Facebook signups are as safe as the email sign up since the site will not post anything on your Facebook account.

Indonesian Cupid Review – Is It Worth It?

The site offers various ways to filter and search for match recommendations. Standard members can choose to filter their match list based on basic information like gender, age, location, photo, and last activity while premium members can enjoy a more advanced searching technology that can sort based on ethnicity, distance, popularity and etc. The messaging method in Indonesian Cupid seems rather outdated.

Ron & Niea's How To Approach and Date an Indonesian Woman in Jakarta

It does not support any video or audio formats. Messaging is not free for anyone too. If your account is not upgraded to premium, you will have a hard time contacting other standard members. Messaging will only come free for you if you are to have a conversation with a paying member. Keeping in contact with your matches can be very pricey but at least you get to "Show Interest" for free. The profile section is very detailed and complete with everything you have to know about someone.

From the basic information to hobbies, personalities, and likes and dislikes, the profile information has it all. The profile features are one of the few things a standard member can really enjoy. Almost everything with regards to the profile section on this site is free.

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You can view another member's profile page and pictures, edit and update your own profile anytime, and upload your photos anytime. All of those perks are for free! So you can start vamping up your profile already. Don't forget to make sure you follow all the site's terms and regulations. Failure to do so may lead to permanent termination of your account.

Indonesian Cupid follows a lot of security measures to ensure the safety of their members. Indonesian Cupid has a mobile app available on Google Play. Like the web design, the app is also straightforward and easy to use. Once you log in to your account using the app, you will be directed to your match suggestions. This will also serve as your app homepage. The app also gives more emphasis on the photos of the members.

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If you see someone you find interesting while browsing through your match list, you can show your interest by tapping the heart-shaped icon at the bottom of her photo. This will take you to the profile page of the member. If you are an iOS user, don't worry. Though it may not be available in the App Store just yet, the website has a good mobile adaptive feature too. So you can still find your match even when you're on the go. I was pretty surprised with the amount of affection these women have for foreigners like me I assure you I am no Brad Pitt but they found me very attractive.

I personally like the simplicity of the site. It doesn't have much to offer but it does its job of keeping you connected with someone If you pay! I have even kept in touch with a few of them up. I just wish they give a little more something for their standard users. It is a good app, don't get me wrong. The design of Indonesian Cupid is very similar to other dating sites that Cupid Media owns.

Its web layout is basic, clean, and organized, which can be a good thing and a bad thing, both at the same time. The common and plain design may be easy to the eyes but it tends to put the younger market off. Because it's too basic, it almost looks like a website from the early s. It may be functional and user-friendly but it is not that appealing. But since it is a dating site that focuses on helping people find their match, the design has pulled off that basic and straightforward interface. In this site, you can enjoy browsing through your match list with no unnecessary ads or overwhelming graphics.

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The site will automatically renew your subscription once it expires. Most of the useful features in the site are only available for paying members, so an upgrade to premium is recommended. This feature gives your profile a little boost and can help your profile gain more attention.

You can add words that best describes you, your hobbies, and your interests and add them as tags on your profile. With this, you can easily find people who have the same interests as you. This feature can help you compare and rate how well suited your match is to your taste. The "Show Interest" button is represented by a heart-shaped icon beside a member's profile.

It is a simple way of dropping a hint of interest towards a person you find attractive or nice. It is a good way to start a conversation. At the top of the IndonesianCupid. Enter your email and password in the fields that will appear. Go to the "Settings" menu on your account and choose "Email Address", from there you can change the email address you use to log in. In your settings menu, you will find the "Notifications" option.

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Click on it and you will be led to a page where you can adjust alerts based on your preferences. Aside from your basic information, you can also add your hobbies, interest, and personality in your profile. It may take a while before the changes will reflect on your profile, since the site's team checks and approves these changes before updating your profile information.

Information is the key to having a good profile in Indonesian Cupid. It doesn't matter if you are new to the site or you have been a member for years. If you don't put anything about you, there is a small chance for you to find a perfect match. If possible, keep your profile updated and don't be shy to share something about yourself. It is a simple way to get someone's attention.

How to Use the Site

To send a message to another member, click the speech bubble icon you see on their profile. Write your message in the box provided and click send. The following are the requirements in order for IndonesianCupid. Indonesian Cupid has an enforced timeout after 20 minutes of no activity. This is to ensure the safety of the members. To protect your privacy, it is recommended that you use a different email for online dating and refrain from using your personal emails. Strong passwords contain combinations of letters, numbers, and symbols, and should be at least six characters long.

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