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Famous faces with brains to match — "Modern Family" child star Nolan Gould is just 15, and as of had already graduated high school. The young member of Mensa has stated his IQ is Famous faces with brains to match — Although she first became famous for her iconic persona on TV's "Laugh-In," Goldie Hawn is nothing like the ditsy woman she portrayed. The actress is a reported member of Mensa and recently published a book on raising children. Famous faces with brains to match — Many consider Oscar-winning director Quentin Tarantino a genius for his work on the silver screen.

He's a card-carrying Mensa member with an IQ of Famous faces with brains to match — The star of MTV's "Awkward ," Ashley Rickards says she joined Mensa after a competitive ex-boyfriend made her feel intellectually inferior. Famous faces with brains to match — Brains don't lie: Colombian singer Shakira reportedly has an IQ of , which qualifies her for Mensa. Story highlights Mensa and Match. You're not entitled to love just because you're smart Single Mensa member: It takes a special person to join Mensa. For one, the elite society only takes individuals with IQ scores in the 98th percentile, meaning just 1 in 50 Americans is eligible.

This exclusivity -- some might say snobbery -- is part of Mensa's lore. Early Mensans in Britain walked around with yellow buttons , organizational publications once referred to non-Mensa members as "Densans," and last year, a top Mensa member and tester called anyone with an IQ of 60 a "carrot. Flirting is big business in Big Apple New York women are 'dumb'., Mensa create dating site for geniuses

New York women are 'dumb' Gitmo detainee has Match. In short, you don't always join Mensa because you think you're smart.

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You join to be set apart from most people, who are, as one member put it: But a new partnership between American Mensa and online dating giant Match. Beginning this week, members of the brainiac group can connect through a separate, exclusive dating service called Mensa Match. The year-old Florida woman is an IT project manager who graduated high school in three years, college in two-and-a-half and has a law degree from Georgia State University. I just didn't find anyone who's been interesting enough. Sereg found she does not connect with people who are athletes or sports nuts, for example.

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I'm 29 years old, and I've never had a girlfriend, but that doesn't mean I've never tried to have a girlfriend. Every time I tried and got summarily rejected sometimes in really messy ways , my self-esteem got a little lower.

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Thank you for appreciating the fact that it wasn't really my choice to feel this way. The problem I have with that quotes is the idea that "nice guys" are really just assholes in disguise, which carries with it the implication that no guys are honestly or sincerely nice. I mean, obviously I can't prove to you that I'm actually nice and not just an asshole lacking in confidence, but your opinion of me doesn't really matter anyway.

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On the other hand, opinions like that are probably the reason girls steer clear of nice guys like me that and the fact that nice guys like me are boring. Seems to me that most girls I've seen judge how much a man cares about life based on how much he cares about money. I care about life a lot, I just don't want to play all the silly games that other people play to get ahead.

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Obviously I don't know you. I can't form an opinion of you from a couple of paragraphs, and you're right to not care about my opinion of you. Just the fact that you chose to respond and stick up for yourself gives us a little more information about your possible level of self esteem.

Maybe it's higher than it seemed to me in your first description of yourself. I'm sorry to hear that I was at least partially right: I hope it gets better some day and you learn to value yourself whatever that means. If you're interested to know, the reason I got a bit snarky with you was that I thought I detected a hint of humblebrag, a hint of overgeneralizing women, and a hint of victimology in your brief description of yourself.

As a fellow person with low self esteem, and as a woman, I took it somewhat personally. Sorry if my response felt "outlashy" or lacking in empathy. In my own way I was trying to say: The phrase "for a change" smacks of judgment on women for choosing mates who aren't like you. I take some offense at that, but whatever. I believe people in general are materialistic. The problem I have with that quotes is the idea that "nice guys" are really just assholes in disguise.

You misinterpreted the joke. The proposition of the joke was not that nice guys do not exist, but that assholes who lack confidence are the ones most likely to go around labeling themselves "nice guys. I'm sure you don't want to feel this way. Like I said, I don't have great self esteem either, but I'm working on it.

I work on it because I feel that I'm largely responsible for the condition of my own self esteem. Obviously I don't know your circumstances. Even though my opinion of you doesn't matter: I don't think you're an asshole, for what it's worth. That wasn't the point I was trying to get across. Based on my very limited information about you, I thought you may be lacking confidence, and it may be causing you to fall into unhappy, unproductive mental habits. I responded, in part, out of a desire to help - and partially because you struck me as someone who could stand up to a little challenge.

I was just in a feisty mood. Hope I didn't ruin your day or anything. The problem is not really whether I value myself, in a vacuum, so to speak.

Mensa Match Is Online Dating for Smart People

The problem is that I know most girls aren't interested in what I have to offer, and I'm neither willing nor able to lie to or trick myself into believing otherwise. In some ways, I think that's a lot of what confidence is. In fact, I remember in high school, I was talking about this very issue with a friend of mine. He was pretty popular, he looked like Ashton Kutcher and was very funny, so he shouldn't have any problem getting women to like him.

But when I asked him about confidence, what he told me was, "you gotta be a bullshit artist. I'm just not willing to do that; I'm not trying to be intellectually superior, but I place a higher value on being in touch with reality than I do on my own happiness. I feel like that's the Catch of self-description in my unique case. If I give a completely accurate description of how I feel about myself, then it sounds like a humblebrag. If I take out all the good parts, it sounds like I have no self-esteem, but if I take out all the bad parts, I'd be painting a picture I could never live up to.

There's just no way for me to win in terms of self-description. If I may make just a normal brag, I'm very proud of the fact that I'm more self-aware than most people, so me just honestly relating how I see myself might seem like something that's gone beyond just conveying the facts and has something else smuggled along with it, because it kinda seems to me like most people might not have that level of insight about themselves.

And relating back to the last point, I think that's probably part of the reason it's so hard for me to BS myself.

From Raya to Tinder Select: the world of elite dating apps

I think there are some people who are just pleasantly oblivious to their own faults. But I know my faults, and I'm not gonna pretend they aren't there. On the one hand, knowing there's something wrong is the first step to fixing it, but on the other hand, it is a major factor in my low self-esteem. As for overgeneralizing women, I would say two things. First, if I really thought women were all the same, that I would've completely abandoned all hope of ever having romance, because the only hope I have at this point is in finding the outliers who are different from all the previous girls who have shunned me in the past.

If girls are all the same, then I'm screwed, so the very fact that I'm still trying to find ways to meet women should be evidence that I don't think that. But I do think part of a Mensan sort of intelligence is pattern recognition and categorization, etc. I don't think it's overgeneralizing to say most women behave in this or that way. But even if I do say that, all I can really mean is, most women that I personally have met so far. And that's why, part of the point of my search now is trying to find those women who aren't like what I've met so far.

As for victimology, I'm not even sure what you mean by that. Yes, I suppose I do consider myself a victim, but not specifically of the girls who have spurned me. If anything, I'm a victim of genetics, and the choices that my parents made thinking it was for the best when they couldn't reasonably have known how it would turn out for me.

In another thread I started, asking for advice about these issues, I described my background as "a perfect storm for bad social skills. I don't demand anything from them because I was dealt a bad hand, I just want to find the type of women who actually is looking for a nice guy like me, and I don't know how to find one. The problem is not how hard I am on myself, the problem is how hard the girls I'm interested are on me. It's like, when I used to tell my friends about this situation, I'd make some bleak statement about how I feel like I'm never gonna have a girlfriend, and they'd say, "well, yeah, you'll never have a girlfriend with an attitude like that.

I only learned it slowly over time as girls constantly and persistently rejected me. But they were rejecting me before I had such a bleak attitude, so apparently my attitude doesn't matter that much. If I'm hard on myself, it's only a reflection of the response I get from women, and desperately struggling to figure out how to get a better response, so I can dare hope that I might not be lonely for the rest of my life.

I definitely have known some women who loved assholes. Again, I'm not saying it's every woman if it was, I'd just give up, because I honestly don't think I'd be capable of being an asshole even if I wanted to , but you can't change the fact that it has been my experience.

So the point is to figure out how to meet the women who are not like those past experiences, rather than assuming it's always gonna be like that.

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