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A year-old woman at a Minneapolis speed-dating event, for example, stated she was hoping to find a partner to travel and attend local Downloaded from http: Sex differences Sex differences in perceptions of interpersonal attraction, homophily, and nonverbal immediacy were reported. Men reported that their female speed- dates were more attractive than the women found their male dates to be. So, even though men and women made similar POV judgments, men still found the women more appealing both socially and physically.

This is con- sistent with other research suggesting that men tend to evaluate attractive- ness more readily than women. Qualitative results of speed-dating research by Houser et al. This is consistent with Fiore and Donath who reported homophily predicted relational success, particularly for men. Ultimately, nonverbal immediacy behaviors were the strongest predictor of date decisions for women.

Conclusions, limitations, and future research This investigation of communication within speed-dating indicates that it is a unique initial interaction context. First, it is a very structured, fast-paced setting where there is minimal opportunity for self-disclosure and infor- mation exchange. Therefore, determining the information participants use to make decisions is, perhaps, more complicated than it would likely be in other initial interaction contexts. Past research indicates that interactants pay attention to social and physical attraction and are motivated to find out what they have in common with perspective dates Ah Yun, ; Amsbary, et al.

As Mongeau et al. Therefore, speed-dating qualifies as an initial inter- action, but should be differentiated from an actual date and its character- istics e. In the speed-dating context, communication variables are important in developing POV judgments, although they are not necessarily important in making the actual date decision. This is a very curious finding.

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Speed dating success a different set of decision-making criteria in making the future date decision. A lack of alterna- tives CLalt , or limited dating options in this case, may also explain these seemingly incongruous responses. Adults who work full-time and have little free time to meet potential partners are typical speed-dating participants Cupid. The issue of age, and goals for engaging in speed-dating at specific stages of life, therefore, may be particularly relevant.

If, as Anderson and Clandos indicated, the older we get, the less we date, then perhaps participants in this sample really want a date and feel they have few options. Therefore, what needs to be discovered in future research are the essential communicative components called upon to arrive at a decision to request a date.

In comparison, online daters have as much time to share information background details, photos, etc. Speed-daters have six minutes of information upon which to make a decision. It may make sense, therefore, for them to focus on the costs, which at this point remain unknown. As with any study, limitations exist. Unfortunately, following the pilot study, it became apparent parti- cipants were extremely sensitive about their responses.

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We decided, there- fore, to omit any identifying markers to avoid participant refusal. In the future, however, matching partners would be ideal. They also may not have been completely honest due to the close proximity of their date during the assessment despite the fact they were seated at different tables during survey completion. Perhaps one of the greatest strengths of this study served as a limitation: In the pilot study, partici- pants were asked to complete 89 items.

Participants communicated strong resistance and, as a consequence, survey items were ultimately removed. Although most researchers caution against this, it seemed the only possible compromise that would allow for the use of this authentic sample. Although this limitation may not have been totally avoided, the respectable alpha coefficients suggest reliable instruments were retained.

As speed-dating is a new social context, directions for future investiga- tions are abundant. The present Downloaded from http: This would allow researchers to discover how quickly participants detect and assess these variables, as well as how long it actually takes people to judge the POV of future inter- actions. Sex differences in interpersonal attraction reported in this study, as well as in the work of Houser et al. Women tend to be more accurate at evaluating nonverbal signals Ambady, et al. Specifically, researchers might develop a controlled speed-dating environment with participants evaluating the homophily, attraction, and nonverbal immediacy of a confederate.

This would allow an assessment of any sex differences in the accuracy of judgments. Future research should also focus on the other criteria utilized in POV judgments. The most frequently cited themes in this research which may be indicative of verbal immediacy e.

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A final challenge is to continue to understand how speed-dating differs from other initial interaction contexts. It is important to consider whether partners differentially engage in unique communication behaviors in speed- dating when compared with traditional first dates Mongeau et al. Speed-dating, a non-traditional method of luring a partner into a possible relationship, has mushroomed across the US and other parts of the world. Given its popularity, scholars should attempt to understand the communi- cative dynamics involved, and the indicators of success or failure, in this dating environment.

Kurzban and Weeden stress the exciting prospects of research in this context as it allows investigators to determine, Downloaded from http: Speed dating success more specifically, the preferred attributes of dating partners as well as to actively relate desire to selection. Participants arrive at these six-minute events intent on assessing dates with pre-conceived criteria.

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